Having good mental well-being helps us to deal with challenges, solve problems and achieve our goals. Maintaining good mental well-being also reduces our vulnerability to mental health difficulties and challenges in life. Here are seven easy tips for better mental well-being:

1. Exercise Regularly

Exercising releases “happy hormones” into your body. For instance, you can take the stairs instead of the lift.

2. Do More of What Makes You Happy

Take a break to do what you enjoy can refresh you to better handle your problems.

3. Manage Your Time

Plan your time well so that you can complete your tasks on time. Break large tasks into smaller manageable parts.

4. Speak to Someone

Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. Share your worries with someone you trust.

5. Think Positive

Changing your mindset and having a positive attitude can make you happier.

6. Sleep Well

Getting enough sleep ( 7 to 9 hours daily for an adult) is key to better concentration and focus.

7. Practise Deep Breathing

Breathe in deeply through your nose for 5 counts and breathe out slowly for 5 counts.

Besides the above tips, you can learn some relaxation techniques to help you cope with the stresses of everyday life. Follow this video to learn how to practise progressive muscle relaxation.


For more tips and resources on how to better understand and manage your mental well-being, visit MindSG.gov.sg

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