If you need more information on health products, refer to the HSA list of banned products.

HSA has compiled a list of detected and tested illegal health products for consumers and healthcare professionals who wish to obtain more information.

Important Note: Before using the search engine, please read and take note of the following:

The Database Is Not Exhaustive and Does Not Contain All Illegal Health Products

  • The database is not exhaustive and will be periodically updated as HSA discovers more illegal health products. It is intended as a guide to alert consumers and healthcare professionals on some of the illegal health products detected by HSA so far.
  • It is important to note that products can enter any country under different names, packaging or forms. Thus, a product should not be considered safe merely on the basis that it is not reflected in the database or not available for search.

Counterfeit Products May Look Exactly the Same as the Real Versions

  • Counterfeit products may look exactly the same as the real versions. Thus, consumers should not rely on the products' packaging to ascertain if they are illegal. The best way for consumers to avoid subjecting themselves to unnecessary health risks would be to strictly buy from legitimate and authorised sources such as clinics and pharmacies.​​

Information on Illegal Health Products

  • The product details and tests results reflected in the database are based strictly on the information obtained from the actual physical samples as well as the analytical findings of the illegal health products, which were investigated or seized by HSA in Singapore. These may or may not be the same as other products with similar-sounding names, packaging or product details marketed over the Internet or overseas.​

Content of Illegal Health Products May Vary

  • The type of contaminants or adulterants in illegal health products​ may vary from batch to batch, box to box or even pill to pill in view that such products are manufactured without proper quality control. It is therefore not surprising that the same product may display different analytical findings in the search results since it has been tested to contain different substances on different occasions.
  • Even if you have taken this product previously without many problems, remember that there always is a risk that the illegal health product that you are currently taking may contain dangerous content that can cost your life this time around!

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