You and your spouse will have many dreams and aspirations for your growing child. To realise those dreams, it is crucial for your child to be in good health to maximise his potential.

Your child looks up to you as a parent, and will model his habits and behaviour after you. Setting a healthy example is fundamental towards helping your child cultivate healthy habits early. These habits are likely to follow him through to adulthood and impact his health and quality of life in the future.

This “Healthy Start For Your Growing Kid” guide covers essential health information and practical tips needed to raise a healthy and happy preschooler. Parent–child activity ideas are included to make it easy for your child to understand the key messages of each health topic.

We hope that this guide will enable you to lead your preschooler towards healthy living. Have a wonderful and healthy journey with your child!

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Download a PDF copy of the Healthy Start For Your Kid here. [24.3MB]