​Here are 7 simple steps to help you eat better every day:

1. Have a wholesome breakfast

Students who have a hearty and wholesome breakfast are likely to concentrate better and perform better in class. Breakfast eaters also tend to have more energy. So, try not to skip breakfast. It makes good sense to have a wholesome breakfast, whether you take it at home or at the school tuckshop.

Go for healthier choices like wholegrain cereal with milk, wholemeal cheese or egg sandwich, wholemeal noodle soup, or a wholemeal tuna bun. Accompany it with a glass of low fat milk and you are ready to go for the day. Select your breakfast food with care and try to make sure they are not just made up of items like biscuits and cookies or crackers and chips.

2. Select healthy snacks

At recess or after school, make sure you get a nutritious snack such as fresh fruits. It will provide you with energy and help you get more of the valuable nutrients that your body needs to grow well and stay healthy.

Smarter snack options include fresh fruit, carrot sticks, plain corn cup and low fat milk. These items are healthier compared to the usual snacks such as cookies, crisps, chips and candies.

3. Choose a nourishing beverage

For your body to work well in class and during active sport you need water. So, remember to drink water regularly. Carry a water bottle and take a sip every time you feel thirsty. If you do not have your water bottle, you can take a cool drink at the water cooler in your school canteen.

If you really want to drink something else, know that nutritious choices are plain low fat milk and calcium-fortified soymilk. Alternatively, you can look out for drinks with the Healthier Choice Symbol as these are lower in sugar. With that said, you should always choose water as it is the best choice of drink.

4. Enjoy a hearty lunch

As you order your meal from the cooked food stall, ask for one or two vegetable dishes. If you are buying noodles, request for more vegetables too. Choose lean meat and alternatives (cooked lean chicken, fish, eggs, tofu, beans and etc) instead of processed meat (chicken patty, fish ball, ham, sausages and etc) and follow My Healthy Plate Quarter (wholegrain), Quarter (Protein), Half (Fruit and Vegetables) guide for the right proportion of each food group in a well-balanced meal.

End your lunch with fresh fruit. Your school canteen sells a variety of fresh fruit in nicely cut portions. Try different fruit every day as each one provides different nutrients. Do you know that fruit (and vegetables) of different colours have natural plant substances that are beneficial for your health? These are known as phytochemicals.

5. Eat just enough

Do not buy more food than you need at the canteen. Overeating can make you gain excess weight. Remember that overweight teens are more likely to be overweight adults.

6. Eat healthily at home too

While your school works hard to serve you healthier food, to really benefit from all the effort, you must continue to make wise food choices also at home. Encourage your family members to eat healthily too.

7. Avoid the street side purchases

Getting home after school, you may pass a food vendor just parked outside and the hawker stall, bakery, fast food restaurant and convenience store may also be along the way. Try your best not to spend your allowance on sweetened drinks and unhealthy snacks like candy, cookies, cakes, chips, crisps and fried food as they are high in fat, sugar and/or salt. These food should be an occasional treat and not part of your regular diet.

So Remember...

  • Eat regular meals and snacks to stay energised and well nourished. If you have a long school day, remember to eat in your canteen as there are many healthy and nutritious choices available.
  • Eat the vegetables that are served and complete your meal with fresh fruit. Do not overeat at the canteen even if you have a lot of pocket money.
  • Continue to eat healthier meals and snacks at home and outside the home as well.

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