Child’s Sixth Year Healthy Screen Time Habits

Set screen-free times/zones

Switch off devices when eating and an hour before bed: screens distract kids from meals and might also affect their sleep. While older kids can have some screen time, do still set a limit and watch what media they consume.

Spend time offline

Face-to-face time helps your child developed social skills. Schedule screen-free days for the whole family to unplug, unwind and talk!

Have fun outdoors for better eye care

Your child needs 2-3 hours outdoors per day. Idle hands reach out for devices, so keep your children busy with kids’ activities.

Take frequent breaks

Remind your child to take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes of screen time. Get them to rest their eyes by looking out the window.

Pay attention

Do not let your child walk and use screens at the same time. Remind him to pay attention to his surroundings.

Ensure that you organize more kids’ activities to limit your child’s screen time.

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