Kids, they grow up so fast! One minute they were crawling around on the floor and struggling to stand up. In the blink of an eye, they're jumping up and down on the living room sofa and attempting cartwheels on the bed you just made.

Full of energy and life, they're daring and fearless, so keep an eye on them! It's time to promote plenty of large motor skill activities by introducing them to various sports and games. Try to pack in 180 mins of physical activity per day for your active child, and make sure half of it is spent outdoors. 

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Are You Ready? Let's Get Moving!

Here are some activity ideas to get you and your little one moving:

Help Out with Chores

Getting your child to perform some basic chores not only counts as physical activity time, it also instils sense of responsibility. It's also a very important life skill! Here are a few chores that are appropriate for children ages four to five:

  • Clear the dinner table
  • Wash plastic plates and bowls
  • Water plants
  • Simple dusting

Dust Off Those Dancing Shoes

Kids love moving to music, so get the groove on and shake it, shake it some more! Depending on how old mum and dad are, you could re-live your teen years by playing anything from the Spice Girls to One Direction. Channel the dancing queen in you and bust out a move or two with your kid! 

Build a Blanket Fort

Kids have always relied on their active imagination to make their own fun. With a few pillows, blankets, boxes and clothespins, your child is now the King of his own castle. Let your kid's imagination take flight!

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Bring out the Classics!

Simon says touch your knees! Organise a playdate for your child with a few of his friends and have them play traditional favourites like Simon Says and hopscotch.

Go out for a Walk

Walking's not just good for your child, mummy and daddy can also get in those 10,000 steps a day too! Why not make it a family event and get the grandparents in on it too?

Time to Take off the Training Wheels

Your child should be old enough to attempt riding a bicycle now. Remember to exercise safety precautions and buy gloves, a helmet as well as knees and elbow pads. If there's not much room to keep a bicycle, try renting one. A skateboard or inline skates would do just as well. It all depends on what your kid has fun doing. 

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The Fun Doesn't End on the Weekend

Weekends are a great time for family bonding. Here are some ideas on where to go for a fun-filled and physically active weekend. Don't forget to pack the sunblock and water bottles!

Fly that Kite

Here's a tip, the winds are perfect for kite flying at Marina Barrage. Even if you and your child are not successful at keeping the kite in the air, you could go for a stroll around Gardens by the Bay, or drop by the Cloud Forest for some cool breeze.

All Sands on Deck 

Take a trip to Sentosa or East Coast Park and start burying mum or dad in the sand. They've been buried under work the entire week, they could do with a change of material.

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It's Like Kampung Days

Go back in time and make your way down to Pulau Ubin. Spend the day being one with nature so that your child doesn't think that Singapore is a concrete jungle. Explore Singapore's history and wow your child with tales of Kusu Island and Sisters' Islands.

Where Do Vegetables Come From?

Your growing child is also very likely to be an inquisitive child. Instead of telling your child the answer, bring your child to the farms in Singapore. Yes, we still have them! Teach your child all about the different types of vegetables we can find in our local supermarkets. We also have goat farms, fish farms, and even frog farms.

It's important for the whole family to enjoy outdoor activities during the weekends as much as possible. Limit the amount of time your child spends watching TV or playing video games. Children between the ages of two and five should not have more than an hour of screen time in a day. So set a good example mum and dad, and take your kid out for a day of adventure!

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