​Your child may be doing well in school and seemed to have friends. But you notice that he is not eating well and exercising enough. All this is reflected in his weight.

If your child is severely overweight or severely underweight, it is best you deal with his weight issues now. But where can you find help?

Nutrition counselling as a family

The Nutrition Clinic at Student Health Centre (SHC) takes a holistic approach to helping your child achieve a healthy weight. A team of dieticians, psychologists and nutrition educators will offer nutrition counselling to families of severely overweight and severely underweight children referred by their primary schools.

Here, professionals will work together to assess and monitor your child’s food and physical activity habits. They will provide advice for behavioural change and tips to increase your child’s physical activity.  As a parent, you will learn tips to improve the family’s health and lifestyle. With meal plans, snack recipes and ideas, you will be well-equipped to prepare healthy meals at home.

And by helping your child set realistic goals, it will set your child on the journey to achieving positive changes to his lifestyle. 

Kids’ FUN Programme
This interactive, family-based lifestyle programme comprises 3 half-hour sessions over 6 months. Your child will learn how to choose healthier food and drinks and ideas to stay active.

Healthy Body. Healthy Weight Programme
Taking a similar approach, the Healthy Body, Healthy Weight Programme is designed to help severely underweight children to gain weight in a healthy way. This will be carried out in 2 half-hour counselling sessions over 6 months. Your child will learn how to eat a well- balanced and healthy diet, choose nutrient-rich meals and snacks to increase energy intake and engage in regular physical activity to strengthen muscles and bones.

Both programmes include a medical assessment to ensure that your child is in good health. Your child will have to return to the clinic for follow-up sessions. 

How the journey begins

If your child has received an appointment letter from the Student Health Centre, please keep to your appointment. If your child has not received this letter yet, your child may receive it in the course of their school year.

At your child’s appointment, please bring the appointment letter, Student Concession Card, health booklet or your Civil Service Card (if any).


Student Health Centre
Level 3
Health Promotion Board​
3 Second Hospital Avenue
Singapore 168 937

To make or reschedule an appointment

6435 3895


6438 7166



Operating Hours

Mon to Fri : 8.00am to 12.30pm, 1.30pm to 5.00pm.
Sat : 8.00am to 12.30pm.
Sun & Public Holidays : Closed.

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