By Dr Tan Shu Qi, Consultant and Associate Professor Tan Thiam Chye, Visiting Consultant, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, KK Women's and Children's Hospital

You're in your third trimester now — week 30 — and you're doing really well! However, it's prudent to always be aware of any changes you may be experiencing. Use this list of pregnancy alerts to ensure your pregnancy is progressing in a healthy manner:

1. Headaches and Swelling

pregnant woman holding her leg

Symptoms to look out for: Severe headaches and swollen limbs along with a feeling of dizziness, vomiting, blurred vision and upper abdominal pain.

Why you should call your doctor: These symptoms may be a sign of pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy complication caused by high blood pressure. In the meantime, attend your antenatal appointments regularly and complete your blood pressure and urine assessment each time.

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2. Abdominal Pain

pregnant woman with abominal pain

Symptoms to look out for: Regular, painful uterine contractions or a tightening feeling around your abdomen.

Why you should call your doctor: Recurrent or persistent abdominal pain can be a sign of a premature labour or something more serious like abruption (early separation of placenta).

3. Vaginal Bleeding

pregnant woman feels uncomfortable at her pelvis

Symptoms to look out for: If you notice blood-stained mucus on your underwear before your baby is due, you may be having a "show". A show happens when your mucus plug is dislodged. If you're bleeding, call your doctor or go to the hospital immediately.

Why you should call your doctor: Vaginal bleeding along with painful contractions at the same time are signs of pre-term labour. It can also be signs of early placental separation (abruption), or due to a low lying placenta. Be sure to see your doctor immediately for early evaluation!

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4. Less Movement from Your Baby

husband and wife with nurse at an ultrasound

Symptoms to look out for: If your baby is moving less than usual and does not move in response to noise or other stimulus, do see your doctor immediately. If you're having a busy day, take some time to lie on your side to monitor your baby's movements — you should be able to count 10 within two hours. If not, do see your doctor immediately.

Why you should call your doctor: Lack of movement may be a sign that your baby is not receiving the nutrients or oxygen needed.

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5. Leaking Water


Symptoms to look out for: If you feel a sudden gush of water from your vagina or a continuous trickle, your water bag could have broken.

Why you should call your doctor: If your water bag breaks before you're due to give birth, you may be at risk of infection and going into labour.

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