A healthy bento with oily fish, fruits and vegetables provides the necessary omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and vitamins.

As a teenager, your body is experiencing many changes as it gears up for a growth spurt.

Along with wardrobe changes, you may also experience changes in your appetite as your body demands more fuel to power up for growth. 

Here are a few tips for you to make your snacks super and ensure you're giving your body all the nutrition (calcium, vitamins and minerals etc)  it needs to build strong bones, feel energised and ready to take on anything! 

Healthy Food for Teenagers 

1. Power up your day with a hearty breakfast

Your usual morning rush may mean skipping breakfast or gobbling down anything in sight so that you are able to catch that bus! Or you might even depend on sports drinks to keep your energy levels up.

Keep in mind though that breakfast provides you with many benefits and helps keep you energised throughout the day. 

If you find you're constantly in a rush, set your alarm to go off 30 minutes earlier, giving you the opportunity to get a well-balanced breakfast—such as wholemeal bread or breakfast cereals—that supplies you with the best complex carbohydrates and proteins you need to stay more focused and active. 

Remember, the early bird catches the worm!


2. Put it in a bag

School lunches may be tasty but they may not provide you with the essentials to make sure you're on a healthy path. 

Packing your own lunch that consists of lean meat and calcium-rich foods, for example, lets you control what you want to eat while minimising temptations to grab a candy bar. 

Give your lunches some variety or if there are any leftovers from the delicious dinner mom cooked last night, why not have that instead! 


3. Snacking is healthy

Unlike when you were younger, during adolescence your body demands more nutrients to grow, making you feel hungrier than before.

So in order to meet your body's demands, you may just find yourself snacking between meals.

To prevent excessive weight gain, try getting your hands on snacks such as celery sticks, fruit and even nuts such as baked almonds that will help you control the temptation to have less healthy foods like chocolate or crisps. Of course, don’t forget to engage in physical activity as well!


4. Slow down on the fast food

Who doesn't love a good burger with a nice cold glass of soft drink to wash it down?

It might taste good, but when you eat fast food, you are consuming more calories in one meal than you need in an entire day! Ever thought about that?

Choosing grilled instead of fried meats cuts down on your fat intake. Taking the effort to eat whole wheat bread will allow you to consume more fibre. Replacing that soda with water or low-fat milk helps you skip the calories from all the sugar added in those drinks. It’s all about making healthy food choices. 

So isn't it about time that all of us started snacking the cooler way and eating right?

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