​​​So lately it seems like many TV shows, magazines, newspapers, and websites all send you the same message: "be physically active in order to grow strong and healthy".

It's not that they are nagging you to exercise; it's that they're trying to give you a head-start into a healthy mindset and lifestyle!

But between classes, lunches, studies, friends, parties, and naps, who has time to work out?

Even if you play a sport with your school team, what happens during the holidays? Do you just stop completely and then have a hard time catching up when school resumes?
How about if you just feel like working up a sweat, not for winning? Shouldn't you be able to take part in an individual and non-competitive physical activity whenever you feel like it?

Or what if you just feel like being alone with your thoughts and exercising with your music blasting loudly? Sometimes we all need some alone time, right?

Here are 5 simple ideas to try out without needing to join a gym!

1. Use free fitness corners at parks, nature reserves, or HDB common areas

Some of us are looking for a gym experience that focuses on exercise and the use of equipment, not on the hassle of memberships, locker rooms, or loud music.

Thankfully, most town councils, parks and nature reserves around Singapore offer fully-equipped fitness corners that are completely free of charge!

Most of them will include everything you need to exercise alone or with friends: balance beam, chest press, leg press, pull up bars, sit-up bench, and stretch bars are just some of the exercise stations you can find!

Just make sure you know what you're doing so that you don't injure yourself when handling the equipment!

Here's a video showing some ideas of how to use this free equipment:

2. Walk, jog, run around the island

Whether alone or with a friend, walking and jogging are great ways to exercise!

Your heart rate is increased, all your muscles are active, and you get to enjoy the peace and quiet that go with your concentration on physical effort.

Get your favourite music playlist on your portable music player or grab a friend you need to catch up with and choose a hiking/jogging trail!

If you're more of a city person and you want to explore and discover new urban spots while getting fit, run at unique Singapore sightseeing spots. Heritage trails are also a good way of walking around while discovering new spots.

3. Rollerblade along at the nearby parks 

If jogging or walking is not your thing, then maybe you'll be more at ease with a pair of wheels under your feet!

Whether you've been dying to learn or whether you're already pretty smooth, roller-blading is the perfect group activity and it can be done in many places.

A simple and affordable way of learning is to round up your friends and get the expert of the bunch to teach the beginners!

If all of your friends are pretty much experts, then set yourselves some challenges such as obstacle courses or friendly races!

4. Skateboard around Youth Park

Skateboarding used to be seen as a sport reserved for daredevils, but its artistic side as well as its athletic qualities have made it ever-so popular.

Of course, this is still a difficult and potentially painful activity, but the rewards are truly AMAZING!

Kick flips, Shove its, grabs, slides, 360s... all of these tricks are within your reach if you arm yourself with both patience and prowess.

Singapore has many skateboarding communities online that can give you tips on where to start​, point you to the best places to practise, and provide the basic safety instructions.