child refuse to brush teeth

Despite your best efforts, getting your child to even open his mouth has proved to be impossible, much less brush his teeth. Here a few tips to make brushing a fun and less stressful routine for both you and your kid.

Children See, Children Do

Kids love to mimic their parents. Show them how your brush your teeth first, before you help them with theirs. Make sure you’re both in front of the mirror, so your kid can see both your reflections.

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Brushy for Plushy

Does your child have a favourite toy, perhaps a soft toy or a rubber duckie that’s always there during bath time? Pretend to brush the teeth of the toy and explain that everyone has to do this if they want healthy, beautiful teeth.

Baby, You're a Star!

It’s important to let your child know he’s done a great job each time he lets your brush his teeth. Why not make a little chart with two boxes, one for morning and one for night? Every time your kid cooperates and lets you brush his teeth, he gets a star on the chart! You could continue this practice when he starts brushing his own teeth as well.

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Sing a Song, Sing Along

It could be any song; you could even make up your own! If your kid has a favourite song, play it so he’ll be entertained. You’ll find brushing his teeth a lot easier when he’s calm and relaxed.
Bonus tip: choose a song that’s two-minutes long so you know how long to brush your child’s teeth!

Let Them Decide

When shopping for a toothbrush and toothpaste, let your toddler have a bit of say. Giving him a sense of ownership helps motivate him and gets him excited about brushing his teeth. Remember that toothbrushes need to be replaced every 3-6 months.

You know your child best, so think of different creative ways to make brushing a fun activity instead of a chore. It is important to make brushing a regular habit as soon as possible, because even kids can get tooth decay.