The cold turkey method is one of the best ways to get over your smoking habit.

How to Stop Smoking? Learn the Way of the Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey is one of the most effective ways to quit smoking successfully. Here’s how to quit smoking and staying smoke-free.

#1 Put Up Your Defences, Display Your Motivations to Stop Smoking

Display your quit motivations (e.g. family photographs, holiday posters) to strengthen your conviction to stop smoking.

#2 Set A Quit Date to Go Cold Turkey

Pick a suitable quit smoking day (e.g. birthday, New Year). That’s the day to stop smoking completely.

#3 Prepare Ammunition to Fight Smoking Cravings

Gather battle supplies like mobile games, mints, and water to keep cravings at bay. Prepare mentally by coming up with strategies to avoid smoking triggers (e.g. replace clubbing with a movie).

#4 Keep Your Eye on Your Target Quit Date

Stay focused on your quit smoking day. One day before, trash smoking items like lighters, cigarettes, and ashtrays. On your quit date, establish your reason for quitting.

#5 Just Stop Smoking

Persevere for 28 days, and you're five times more likely to be smoke-free. Keep recalling your motivations - you can do it! [1]

Follow these quit smoking by going cold turkey tips to stop smoking permanently.

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