We all know exercising regularly helps us stay healthy and in shape. But some days it gets hard to drag ourselves out of our comfy sofas for a workout.

How do we stay motivated to exercise? Here are some tips!

Small Steps, Big Benefits

Perhaps you’ve hit a wall — it’s the “crazy period” at work right now, or you’re busy helping your kids prepare for their exams.

Whatever the reason, those hour-long gym sessions are starting to seem like a chore and you’re not motivated at all to exercise.

The solution? Rethink your idea of a workout — it doesn’t have to be long.

You can break your 150 minutes of exercise per week into bite-sized chunks by fitting small 15- to 20-minute workouts into your daily routine.

For example, exercise during lunch hour by going for a brisk walk in the park, or catch a breather between tutoring the kids and preparing dinner with a quick bodyweight routine.

Move On the Move

Go back to basics by adding more physical activity into your daily life.

Shake up your commute by cycling instead of taking the bus, or alighting a few stops earlier and brisk-walking to your destination.

Take the stairs to your flat while carrying the groceries, and put in more effort when doing household chores (you’ll also make Ma happier).

And go brisk-shopping: brisk walk along Orchard Road (try to hit the trinity of MRT stations: Orchard, Somerset, Dhoby Ghaut), or at the larger malls like IMM or Vivocity.

You’ll hit 10,000 steps per day in no time!

Those who Move Together, Stay Healthy Together

You’ll feel more motivated to work out when someone is sharing the gains with you.

Ask a colleague to brisk walk with you after lunch, and exchange the latest office gossip.

Keep up with 10 minutes of brisk walking every day, and by Friday you’ll reach one-third of the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week, from this activity alone! No sweat.

And exercise with your family after work! Bring Ma, Pa, and the kids to enjoy a few rounds of family Frisbee or family badminton at the neighbourhood park or sports centre.

Make your weekends with friends sporty too: call up your army kakis or girlfriends and head to Coney Island for a cycle and picnic. Alternatively, book a field or court to play some team sports, like football or netball.

And why not expand your social circle by joining or starting a fitness interest group? You might even find your sports soulmate while enjoying your favourite exercises.

Out with the Old, In with the New

If your exercise routine is starting to get old, try something new and exciting to pump up your enthusiasm.

Check out these free activities and classes, from Zumba outside Marina Bay Sands to aerobics at your neighbourhood mall.

Do consult your doctor before starting any exercise regime, and practise caution when exercising. Remember, safety first!