Sugar-free mints help with smoking cravings

1. Munch on Low-Cal Food to Overcome Smoking Cravings

Whenever you feel the urge to buy some cigarettes or something to keep your mouth busy, why not spend your hard-earned cash on a healthier snack instead?

Here are some foods under 100 calories to munch on when your smoking cravings hit. Do watch how much you eat so you don’t bust your waistline! (Check out these pointers on how to snack healthy)

Sugar-Free Mints

1 mint = 3 to 7 calories (Note: don’t eat too many — excessive consumption may have a laxative effect)

Can’t grab an obvious snack but need something to keep your mouth busy? Sugar-free mints can help!

In social situations, you might feel the pressure to have a quick puff with friends. Or you may be stuck in a meeting and crave a smoke to stay awake. Consider instead a simple sugar-free mint.

Consuming mints is better for your health and, as a bonus, your breath! Always carry a pack of mints with you and suck on one whenever smoking cravings strike. It’ll keep your mouth busy until the urge passes after a few minutes.

Fresh Fruit

1 serving of fruit = 70 calories

Fruit are high in nutrients, fibre, and vitamins, and they’re yummy too! Some fruit that comes up to 70 calories are:

  • 1 apple

  • 1 pear

  • 1 banana

  • About 12 grapes

  • 1 wedge of papaya

Some fun ways to snack on fruit include:

  • Vitamin-packed smoothies, where you blend your fruit or/and vegetable with some liquid like low-fat milk or ice.

  • Fruit ice lollies made by freezing a smoothie mixture with ice-cream sticks in it. Add chunks of fruit like blueberries or chopped fruit for greater texture.

Hard-Boiled Egg

1 egg = 75 calories​​

Not only are eggs high in protein, but they’re also nutritious and packed with vitamins like A and B12.

Grab a tea egg from the coffee shop or a vacuum-sealed egg from the convenience store for a ready-to-eat snack. Or simply cook a hard-boiled egg or a sunny side up at home — these take less than 10 minutes! Easy-peasy.

Other Low-Cal Snacks

  • 20g of nuts = 90 calories

  • ½ cup (150g) of low-fat yogurt = 88 calories

  • 4 pieces of rice crackers (choose brown rice crackers!) = 55 calories

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2. Fiddle with Everyday Items to Cope with Smoking Withdrawals

Feel the itch in your fingers or suffering from a smoking withdrawal? Here are some small, common objects you can carry with you and fiddle with to keep your fidgety fingers busy:

  • Keys

  • A pen

  • Bubble wrap

  • Fidget spinner or cube

  • Stress ball

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3. Do Deep Breathing Exercises to Fight Smoking Cravings

If you're short on time and can’t snack or fiddle with items, try deep breathing. What’s great about that is you can do it anywhere: at your desk, in bed, or even on the bus!

Breathe in deeply and slowly for five counts, and breathe out for another five counts. Concentrate on your breathing, don’t rush it, and your smoking cravings will pass before you know it.

Resources for Quitting

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