Eating whole grains offers many health benefits

Look Out for the Healthier Choice Symbol

Going grocery shopping? Instead of combing through the ingredient list, just look for the Healthier Choice Symbol, which tells you what food products are healthier and helps you make smarter choices.

Are you trying to add more grain foods into your diet? The “Higher in Wholegrains” variant is especially helpful when you’re shopping for items like rice, noodles, wheat flour, bread and cereal.

Food products that carry this tagline contain at least 20 percent more whole grains than similar products without it.

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But what’s so great about eating whole grains anyway?

Benefits of Whole Grains

For one, the high dietary fibre content in whole grain products helps keep bowel movements regular and smooth! Weight watchers will also love how the insoluble fibre adds bulk to their diet, keeping them fuller for a longer time.

Young woman having cereal grains, which can help reduce risk of chronic diseases.

The health benefits extend beyond our digestive system. The vitamins and minerals in wholegrain, such as vitamin E and selenium, lower the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease by preventing blood vessel damage.

Good news for diabetics, too: eating wholegrains can help control blood sugar levels.

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Where to Find Wholegrain Products?

So where can you find the “Higher in Wholegrains” tagline? Look for products such as brown rice, brown rice bee hoon, wholemeal breads and noodles at the supermarket.

These items contain more wholesome whole grains and are healthier, nutrient-rich substitutes for refined grain products like white rice or white bread.

Remember, the next time you’re out grocery shopping, see if you can spot products that carry the “Higher in Wholegrains” Healthier Choice Symbol variant to get your health-promoting dose of wholesome whole grains.

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