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Singaporeans are living longer and working longer.
With the retirement age of 62, a supportive health-promoting work environment helps employees live healthily and age well. This results in increased productivity and the retention of professional knowledge and experience that older staff can share with their junior colleagues. Here are six tips from the Workplace Health Promotion Forum held at KTPH on 3 March 2016.

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1. Create a Health Promoting Work Environment

Build it around the five pillars of health –‘Eat Wisely, Exercise Regularly, Be Happy, Stop Smoking and Practise Personal Hygiene’. For example, have a smoke-free policy at work, make healthier choices easily available at the staff canteen and encourage staff of similar interests to get together to exercise or play sports.

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2. Motivate Staff to Form Healthy Habits

Encourage them by helping to make it easier for them to pick up and maintain healthy habits.
This will in turn help them be more empowered and in control of their health.

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3.Organise Regular Team-building Events

Such activities bring employees of all ages together to achieve common goals. These can also help staff of different generations to better appreciate each other’s strengths and even correct some misconceptions.

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4.Promote Healthy Ageing

Resources such as the Positive Ageing Toolkit developed by the Council for Third Age (C3A) are available to workplaces. They have been designed to help seniors understand and reflect on their thoughts, feelings and values about their personal well-being.

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5.Support Older Workers Better

Through simple but effective interventions, such as paying attention to office ergonomics to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and being mindful of any changes in their visual and auditory
requirements, older workers can be better supported.

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6.Encourage All Employees to be Fair@Work

They can start by making their individual commitment to be fair and inclusive at the workplace at

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