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3 - 6 Years: Good Sleep Captain Sleep

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Hey there!My name is Captain Sleep and I love sleeping!

Sleep is super-duper important for your kids as they are still growing. This page contains helpful information and activities on how you can have your little one yawning in no time!


Fairy tales and fantasy adventures are a great way to get your little one ready for dreamland. Go ahead and pick your favourites below!

Get your child’s name on his or her very own storybook with their chosen avatar and set sail on an intimate adventure with Captain Sleep!

Take a break from reading and let Captain Sleep tell bedtime stories for you! With his enchanting audio adventures that will also help your little one build good bedtime routines, they will be lulled to sleep in no time.

What better way to get ready for bedtime than read a storybook? Join Captain Sleep on his bedtime adventures with his friends like the Toothbrush Fairy, Teddy the Bear, Bigfoot and more!


Let the voice of Captain Sleep and his forest friends guide your little one through relaxation exercises to make bedtime a snuggly sleep fest for your little one.

Turn your little tykes into sweet sleepyheads with this handy “Captain Sleep’s Guide to Zzzs”, filled with facts, tips and steps to help build a good bedtime routine for your child. It’s perfect for parents who want to learn more about sleep!


Keep your child’s eyes away from the screens and get their hands busy with these special DIY props that you can print out!

Give your child a mission to sleep for! Use these charts to reward your good little sleepyhead for clocking in enough hours of sleep or for practising good bedtime habits.

When your little one has enough sleep, he or she should feel refreshed and have enough energy to go out and play! Having sufficient hours of sleep means at least 10 hours a day if they are 3 to 5 years old and at least 9 hours a day if they are 6 to 13 years old.

Sleep Duration Recommendations

3 Years

10-13 HOURS

4 Years

10-13 HOURS

5 Years

10-13 HOURS

6 Years

9-11 HOURS

Source: National Sleep Foundation

Knowing when your little one isn’t getting enough snooze time

Learn how to spot whether your child is suffering from a lack of sleep! Yawning and droopy eyes are the most recognisable signs, among others:

  • Being cranky, whiny or fussy, especially in the late afternoon on a regular basis
  • Acting especially clingy or needy
  • Waking up groggy; falling asleep after being woken up and needing to be woken up again
  • Desiring to lie down or nap during the day
  • Snoring

Do note that these signs may change as your little one gets older.


Creating a regular bedtime routine lets your snugglemuffin know when it’s sleepy time! Some fun bedtime routine ideas include reading your little one’s favourite fairy tales to them, brushing teeth or saying goodnight. The key is to keep this routine consistent and within an hour, so as to ease your little one to dreamland!

enough sleep

Fun Tip:
Give your child cups and bowls so they can pretend they are serving you drinks.

enough sleep

Fun Tip:
Challenge your child to finish changing into their pyjamas before you finish singing their favourite song!

enough sleep

Fun Tip:
Make it fun by letting your kid choose the colour of their toothbrush!

enough sleep

Fun Tip:
Let your little one choose their bedtime story and cuddle up with them in the same spot every night and read to them!

enough sleep
SAY GOodnight

Fun Tip:
Encourage them to say “Goodnight!” to the things that are important to them, like the family pet or their soft toys!

Bedtime to-dos

enough sleep
Create an environment fit for sleepytime

Your little one’s bedroom should be a cosy cocoon of comfort that’s quiet, cool and dark. The room shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. Some kids might not like complete darkness so you could either have a dim night light, or leave the hall light on and the door open.

enough sleep
Keep those ZZZs routine consistent

Be it weekday, weekend, school night or holiday, you should maintain your child’s sleep routine to keep his or her sleep pattern consistent.

enough sleep
A snuggle buddy always helps

Providing your child with a soft toy friend or blankey can give your little one a sense of comfort when you are not in the room.


Bedtime no-nos

enough sleep
Snooze those devices for sweet dreams

Keep your little tots away from devices like smart phones and tablets before bedtime. The bright screens can keep your little tot up and affect the quality of their ZZZs.

enough sleep
Naps are a no-no

Avoid naps close to bedtime as it may prevent your little sleepyhead from falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night.

enough sleep
Stay away from stimulants

Avoid things that may stimulate your child near bedtime, as they may disrupt the sleep cycle and affect their quality of sleep. These include physical exercises and other vigorous activities. Help them stay away from caffeinated food and beverages like soft drinks, tea and chocolate. If they are feeling hungry, you can give them a light snack such as banana or wholegrain crackers instead.

enough sleep
Your child’s bed should only be for sleep

The bed is meant for bedtime and bedtime only! Get your little one to play or do other activities elsewhere in the house as non-sleep related activities will distract them once the lights go out.

Kid Superman

I hope that you and your child have enjoyed my wondrous world of sleep. If you haven't checked out my amazing stories or audio relaxation guide, what more are you waiting for? Good sleep for your child is just a click of a button away!

Until the next adventure,

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