The Psychiatric Nursing Home team will care for your loved one and you in terms of:

  • General and skilled nursing care
  • Medical care
  • Therapy services

Estimated Charges (before Means-Testing)
$1,200 - $3,500 per month

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Available Subsidies

Your loved one can apply for a government subsidy if he/she is a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. The subsidy he/she receives will depend on his/her family’s income.

Amount of Subsidies

Depending on your loved one’s family household income, the subsidies can be up to:

  • 75% for Singapore Citizens
  • 50% for Permanent Residents

To find out if your loved one can enjoy subsidies based on Means-Testing, please approach a government-funded service provider to find out more about the amount of subsidy.

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How to Apply for A Nursing Home?

Speak to a social worker or medical social worker for assistance from any of the following institutions that your loved one visits:

  • Restructured hospital
  • Community hospital
  • Polyclinic

How Do I Find a Psychiatric Nursing Home?

To locate a service provider near your loved one, simply visit our E-care Locator.

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