Now that your child is in primary school, they’ll be learning loads of exciting lessons, as well as getting the benefits of proper oral care.
The Youth Preventive Dental Service has a range of services to help your child maintain good oral health. Once you give consent when your child is in Primary 1, these will include basic preventive services, curative treatment and referral services.
This consent will be valid until your child completes his/her primary education. Dental therapists are the main providers of the services.
To withdraw your consent, please write to:

Youth Preventive Dental Service
Level 4, Health Promotion Board
3 Second Hospital Avenue
Singapore 168937

What are the services provided?

To prevent your child from facing dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease, the Youth Preventive Dental Service offers access to:

Preventive Services

  • Scheduled check-ups
  • Provision of fissure sealants to prevent tooth decay
  • Advice on oral hygiene and diet
  • Oral health education activities including toothbrushing exercises, classroom talks, to promote oral health awareness and practices

Curative Services to treat dental problems

  • Scaling and polishing
  • Fillings
  • Extractions of primary teeth
  • Root treatment of primary teeth

Referral Services for more complex dental work.

If your child requires more complex work like X-ray, extraction of permanent teeth, dentures, or root canal treatment for single-rooted permanent teeth, they may be referred to a zonal referral centre or to the Student Dental Centre located at the Health Promotion Board.

They may also be referred to tertiary institutions such as the National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS) or National University Centre For Oral Health Singapore (NUCOHS) for specialist care.

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​What are the Charges?

Dental treatment is provided free at the school dental clinics and mobile dental clinics. If your child requires more complex work, they may be referred to the Student Dental Centre of the Health Promotion Board. The following fees will then apply:

Student Dental Centre Treatment Fees for Basic Procedures


Treatment Services


Permanent Resident



$41.60 - $84.50

$24.00 - $48.75



$41.60 - $84.50

$24.00 - $48.75



$41.60 - $84.50

$24.00 - $48.75



$41.60 - $54.60

$24.00 - $31.50


Examination & Diagnosis

$28.60 - $84.50

$16.50 - $48.75


Oral Hygiene Instruction





$7.80 - $45.50

$6.00 - $26.25


Root Canal Treatment (Single Root)




Singaporeans enrolled in schools with on-site dental clinics are not encouraged to seek treatment at the Student Dental Centre without a referral.

All referrals to tertiary institutions are chargeable based on the type of treatment provided.

Operating hours

School Dental Clinics / Mobile Dental Clinics

During the school term, the school dental clinic / mobile dental clinic is open from:

  • 8 am to 5.30 pm (Monday to Thursday).
  • 8 am to 5.00 pm (Friday).
  • Lunch break varies with each clinic.

Some school dental clinics operate on a part-time basis due to a small school population. You may wish to check with the school dental clinic on its opening days and hours before attending.

During the school holiday(s), certain school dental clinics remain open to attend to urgent cases.

All school dental clinics operate on a buddy system. In case of emergency, you can contact the buddy clinics for treatment and advice if your child's school dental clinic is closed. Details are available from your child’s school general office.

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