Healthy and Tasty Snacks

Let's find out how snacking might help us manage our weight, and what are some healthy and yummy snacks to pack.

Snack’s Got Your Back

Eating moderate portions and regular meals plays a huge part in helping us manage our weight.

Munching on small, healthy snacks between regular meals keeps hunger at bay so we’re not hungry ghosts by the time dinner comes around. This way, we avoid overeating during meals, and can better stick to healthy portions.

Bonus tip

It’s a good idea to have a small snack before a buffet, instead of skipping meals to “save space”. You don’t want to end up piling food onto your plate in a fit of hunger and eating more than you intended!

Snacks of Life

When we hear the word “snack” we might immediately think of food that are high in calories, fat, sugar, salt, for example keropok, potato chips, and chocolate bars. These aren’t food we want to munch on every day if we’re watching our health.

Want a healthier snack? Read on for some ideas!

Go Nuts with Kacang Puteh 

Got the crunchy munchies? Reach for some nuts: these protein-rich snacks contain unsaturated fats, which help to improve heart health. They’re also good sources of vitamins and minerals.

Eat nuts in moderation, though! They’re high in calories, so go for a small handful once a day at most.

Snack Attack Hack

Go old-school with kacang puteh! Roast some chickpeas in the oven and sprinkle some chilli and garlic powder for flavour.

Get Cracking

Some of us might have grown up snacking on soda crackers dipped in a steaming cup of Milo or Ovaltine.

Update this childhood snack: choose wholegrain crackers with the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS), and dip them in a “Lower in sugar” or kosong HCS malt beverage. Remember not to add any sugar to your drink!

Wholegrains have more nutrients and fibre, and help you stay fuller for a longer period so you’re less likely to overeat. Not adding sugar into your beverage means fewer calories!

Snack Attack Hack

Give your wholegrain soda crackers a protein-boost with a small spoonful of no sugar added peanut butter.

Pop of Flavour

Popcorn is a wholegrain, which means you’ll be getting wholesome nutrients and fibre every time you munch on the yummy snack.

But before you grab any old popcorn, know that movie theatre popcorn is usually drenched with butter and sugar — and high in fat and calories.

Cut out the concession stand middleman and make your own popcorn instead. Play around with different flavours: season D-I-Y popcorn with your favourite herbs and spices!

Snack Attack Hack

Add a Thai-inspired twist to your popcorn — toss popcorn in some olive oil, lime juice, lime zest, sambal oelek, and a small amount of fish sauce.

Pack these snacks into handy zipper bags and stash them in your bag so you always have something healthy to munch on when hungry, whether you’re at work or out and about.

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