Deaths arising from accidental choking usually occur in children under the age of five. The majority of these deaths happen when they are under the age of two. Children at this age have a natural inclination to put objects into their mouths. Here are some pointers to prevent your children from choking:
  • ​Keep all small objects such as buttons, coins, pins, marbles, etc. out of your children's reach. They may put the objects into their mouths and choke on them.
  • Children should only play with toys appropriate for their age to ensure that they do not swallow and choke on small or detachable pieces.
  • Do not feed your baby when he/she is crying or lying flat. He/she may choke on the food if fed this way.
  • Make sure the food that you feed your child with does not contain fish or chicken bones.
  • Round or smooth food items like fishballs, grapes and sausages should be cut into smaller pieces when feeding them to your child.
  • Remind your children not to play, talk or laugh while eating.

Learn basic life-saving techniques in case of an emergency when your child chokes on a foreign object. Choking can cause death within a few minutes. Before the ambulance arrives, doing the right thing can mean the difference between life and death for your child.

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