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healthy eating

for primary school students

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on healthy eating
your child's health booklet will tell you all you need to know about your child's growth.

Your Child Is Bigger Than Average but Very Active. Should You Be Worried?

raising healthy kids involves eating healthy and getting plenty of physical activity

Your Child Is in the 75th Percentile in Terms of BMI. Is That Good?

help your child by keeping an eye on mindful eating and portion control.

Your Child Is Heavy for His Age. What Should You Do?

Our Body Mass Index (BMI) tells us if we are in a healthy weight range.

What Is a Healthy BMI Range for Children?

Opt for healthier snacks and fun rewards instead!

You’ve Been Giving Your Child Dessert as a Reward. How Do You Undo It?

encourage him to develop healthy eating habits!

Your Child Won’t Eat Anything but Junk Food. What Should You Do?

encourage your child to eat their vegetables.

Your Child Won’t Eat His Veggies! What Can You Do?

teach your kid how to recognise the signs of hunger and fullness, as well as exercise portion control.

Your Child Always Seems To Be Hungry and Never Stops Eating. What Should You Do?

turn meal times from a battlefield into a fun family affair

The Dinner Table Is a Battlefield. What Can You Do?

offer some healthy options for your little one to choose

Should You Let Your Child Choose What Food To Eat?

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