Healthcare Expenditure in Singapore

Read on for a summary of Singapore’s healthcare cost statistics, including the proportion of monthly household expenditure spent on medical care.


​Get an overview of the proportion of monthly household expenditure that's spent on healthcare in Singapore.

Proportion of monthly Household Expenditure spent on Healthcare1,2 (%)
(by income quintiles)
   ► All Households4.75.34.5
   ► Lowest 20%
   ► 2nd quintile4.85.54.4
   ► 3rd quintile4.85.54.9
   ► 4th quintile4.85.34.6
   ► Highest quintile4.14.84.0

Based on Resident Households
Income quintiles are based on ranking of households by their monthly household income from all sources (excluding imputed rental of owner-occupied accomodation) per household member.


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Healthcare Expenditure in Singapore

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