Marriage and Parenthood Schemes

New parents and couples looking to conceive can benefit from these schemes.

MediSave Maternity Package

With the MediSave Maternity Package (MMP), parents can use their MediSave for (i) delivery expenses as well as (ii) pre-delivery medical expenses such as consultations and ultrasound. Under the MMP, you may withdraw up to $550 per day for the first two days of admission and $400 per day from the third day onwards for each day in the hospital, plus $900 for pre-delivery medical expenses and an additional surgical withdrawal limit between $750 and $2,600 depending on the type of delivery procedure you undergo.

Please see the table below for some examples of how MediSave may be claimed. The amount of MediSave that can be used cannot exceed the actual bill and the withdrawal limit, whichever is lower.

Examples of MediSave Claimable Under the MediSave Maternity Package

Delivery Procedure

No. of Days of Hospitalisation

MediSave Withdrawal Limit under the MediSave Maternity Package (covers delivery and pre-delivery medical expenses)

Example 1: Vaginal delivery (normal)


($550 x 2 days + $400 x 1 day) + $750 for procedure i.e. vaginal delivery) + $900

Total claimable: Up to $3,150

Example 2: Caesarean delivery (normal)


($550 x 2 days + $400 x 2 days) + ($2,150 for procedure, i.e. caesarean delivery) + $900

Total claimable: Up to $4,950

MediSave may be used at both public and private hospitals. To claim pre-delivery charges from MediSave, parents just need to present the bills incurred for pre-delivery medical care to the hospital where baby was delivered. The hospital will submit these bills, together with the delivery expenses, for MediSave claims under the MediSave Maternity Package.

For more information on the MMP and how to submit your claims, please refer to the MOH FAQs on Marriage and Parenthood.

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MediSave Grant for Newborns (MGN)

To support parents with their children’s healthcare needs, the Government is creating a MediSave account for each Singaporean newborn.

All Singapore citizen newborns born on or after 1 January 2015 qualify for the enhanced $4,000 MediSave Grant for Newborns. Those born on or after 26 August 2012, but before 1 January 2015, qualify for a lower grant of $3,000. Eligible newborns will receive the MediSave grant automatically after the registration of birth. Parents do not need to apply for the grant.

This grant can help parents defray the costs of their child’s healthcare expenses, such as MediShield Life premiums, and the costs of recommended childhood vaccinations, hospitalisation, and approved outpatient treatments.

After the grant has been deposited into the child's MediSave account, parents will receive a notification letter to inform them of the deposit.

Parents of eligible newborns who did not receive the grant can contact CPFB at to enquire.

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MediShield Life Coverage from Birth

MediShield Life is a mandatory basic health insurance that helps to pay for large hospital bills and selected costly outpatient treatments such as dialysis and chemotherapy for cancer. It is basic because it is sized for subsidised treatments in the public hospitals. All Singapore Citizen babies are automatically covered by MediShield Life from birth, including those with congenital and neonatal conditions, for life.

MediShield Life premiums may be fully paid from MediSave and parents will be able to tap on the MediSave Grant for Newborns to pay for their MediShield Life premiums. The Government will be providing significant support to keep premiums affordable (e.g. Premium Subsidies for the lower- to middle- income, Transitional Subsidies for Singapore Citizens to ease the shift to MediShield Life for the first four years). For those who are needy and are unable to pay their share of premiums even after subsidies, the Government will provide Additional Premium Support, to help them further with the payment of their MediShield Life premiums.

For more information on MediShield Life, please click here.

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Providing Support for Conception

MediSave for Assisted Conception Procedures

To help couples better afford the cost of treatment for Assisted Conception Procedures (ACP), a couple may withdraw $6,000, $5,000 and $4,000 from MediSave for the first, second and third treatment cycles respectively. For ACP treatment received on or after 1 Oct 2013, the withdrawal limits are:

  • 1st cycle - $6,000

  • 2nd cycle - $5,000

  • 3rd and subsequent cycles - $4,000

A lifetime MediSave withdrawal limit of $15,000 per patient for ACP also applies.

Withdrawal limits are set on MediSave withdrawals to ensure that MediSave monies are not prematurely depleted since MediSave is primarily meant for hospitalisation and the bulk of healthcare cost will likely take place towards the end of a person’s life.

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Government Co-Funding Scheme for Assisted Reproduction

Technology Treatments at Public Hospitals

With the median age at first marriage and first birth rising, there is an increasing number of couples who need medical help in conceiving. Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) treatments such as in-vitro fertilisation may be able to help these couples.

ART treatments are clinical and laboratory techniques that involve the mixing of eggs and sperms outside the body to enhance fertility. Couples with difficulties conceiving should try to seek such treatments early, as the success rate of ART is likely to fall with age. Such treatment can also be very costly.

Eligible couples seeking ART treatment in public hospitals will now receive up to 75% in co-funding from the Government for ART treatment cycles, for a maximum of 3 fresh and 3 frozen ART cycles. This will start from 1 Jan 2013.

For more information, please refer to the MOH FAQs on Marriage and Parenthood (Policies > Marriage and Parenthood).

For an overview of the marriage and parenthood schemes, please visit the Marriage and Parenthood Schemes Website.

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