Stroke: Impact of Stroke

The physical and emotional conditions after a stroke.

How Stroke May Affect You?

Stroke does not affect individuals in a similar way. Thus a stroke patient may not experience all the consequences of stroke.

Mobility and Activity of Daily Living

Mobility and Activity of Daily Living 

You may experience weakness on one side of your body or problems with coordination and balance. This may cause you to have difficulty moving around and carrying out daily routines such as feeding, showering, and dressing.

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Nutrition After A Stroke 


You may have difficulty swallowing and may need to be on a special food consistency or nasogastric tube feeding. Supplements may be prescribed to meet your daily nutritional requirements.

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As a result of stroke, you may have poor memory attention or difficulty with thinking and reasoning. These difficulties may affect your ability to perform certain tasks and make decisions.

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You may experience difficulty controlling your bladder or bowel movements. This may be due to the damage in the area of the brain, or a decrease in  mobility.

Emotional Changes and Tiredness

Emotional Changes and Tiredness 


Feelings of fatigue, anxiety, anger, or depression are common after stroke. These may be normal responses to what has happened.

In some cases, they may require specific treatment. Do inform your stroke care team if you are experiencing these symptoms.

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Behavioural and Personality

Behavioural and Personality 


Stroke may create behavioural and personality changes impacted by the damage to the part of the brain, which regulates emotions, decision making and judgement.

Behavioural and personality changes include aggression, apathy, disinhibition, emotional lability, irritability, and impulsivity.

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Sexual Activity

Sexual Activity 


You may feel worried about engaging in physical intimacy or have a physical impairment that affects intimacy.

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Social Activities 


The consequences of stroke may restrict your ability to engage your usual social activities.

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Life After Having A Stroke:

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