Caregiver Support Groups in Singapore

Community support groups provide caregivers with a platform to talk about their problems, listen to others, as well as offer help.

There are people in similar situations experiencing and feeling the same way as you do. Support groups offer a safe and comfortable platform for you to meet such people and share your experiences.

You will get to learn new caregiving tips and know useful resources. You will receive help and also be able to help others. Such interaction can provide emotional support, allow better stress management and reduce the sense of frustration and isolation in caregivers.

Support groups are usually facilitated by professionals such as social workers or counsellors, though there are some peer-led groups as well.

Support Groups by Hospital and Specialist Centre

Support groups in the Community

Online Support Groups

Support groups can exist in virtual forms as well, such as online forums and social media platforms. They allow you to be part of a network of fellow caregivers, locally or internationally, without having to go down to a physical location.

If you do not have the time, feel unwell, or prefer to maintain a degree of privacy when sharing your personal thoughts and feelings, online support groups may benefit you.

You can search online for support groups or ask other fellow caregivers to introduce you to some groups.

Below are some online communities you can check out on Facebook:

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