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What is the Child Health Booklet?

Since 1984, every Singapore child grows up with their very own Child Health Booklet (CHB), also affectionately known as the “baby book”. This booklet is provided to every baby at time of delivery in hospitals in Singapore.

The “baby book” becomes a personalised data bank of every child’s health records for easy access by either parent or child.

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5 Reasons Parents Love The Child Health Booklet

Reason 1: Stores Your Child’s Health-related Information In One Location

The Child Health Booklet or “baby book” stores your child’s birth data (Page 3) e.g. their date and time of birth, hearing screening done at birth etc.

At each well-baby visit, your child’s height and weight, development milestones and immunisation records will be recorded within the baby book. Relevant information from any visits to the clinic and/or hospital can be recorded within the “baby book” as well.

Reason 2: Provides The Development Checklist For Parents To Assess Child’s Development

Developmental milestones are behavioural or physical checkpoints in children’s development as they grow. They are subdivided into 4 categories:

  • Personal-Social e.g. smiling
  • Fine Motor-Adaptive e.g. grasping a rattle
  • Language e.g. saying “Papa” and “Mama”
  • Gross Motor e.g. rolling from back to stomach

You can use the developmental checklists (Page 5 to 28) within the CHB to assess your child’s development. The checklists given for various ages should be completed prior to each well-baby visit to the doctor.

If you have any concerns about your child’s development, please raise them to the doctor. The doctor will assess your child and advise on further evaluation and management accordingly

Reason 3: Provides Information On Your Child’s Allergies

The ‘Information on Allergies’ table in the CHB (before the contents page) should be completed by your child’s attending doctor. It informs whether any extra precautions need to be taken to prevent complications during medical treatments.

Reason 4: Provides Important Oral Health Tips For Your Child

The ‘Oral Health Checklist’ (page 53) provides tips to ensure that you help your child have a sparkling smile! This is done by encouraging your child to develop good oral hygiene habits e.g. regular tooth brushing which prevents tooth decay.

Reason 5: Provides Child Safety Checklist

The ‘Child Safety’ checklist (Page 55) enables you to create a safe environment for your child at the various stages of your child’s growth to prevent common childhood accidental injuries e.g. falls from beds, accidental ingestion of objects or scalds etc.

Important Updates Within The Revised Child Health Booklet

The Child Health Booklet includes the latest National Childhood Immunisation Schedule (NCIS) effective since 1 Nov 2020. The NCIS provides your child’s immunisation requirements from birth all the way to age 17 to protect your child against vaccine-preventable illnesses.

The Child Health Booklet (CHB) also provides a table showing the 7 specific recommended touchpoints for childhood developmental screening (CDS) where parents should visit the doctor for well-baby visits.

  • 4 weeks [4-8 weeks]
  • 3 months or 4 months [3-5 months]
  • 6 months [6-12 months]
  • 12 months [6-12 months]
  • 18 months [15-22 months]
  • 30 months [24-36 months]
  • 48 months [48-60 months]

Figures in [ ] denote age range for CDS touchpoints

This additional guidance seeks to identify children at risk of developmental delay for early intervention. Immunisations can also be given during these visits for greater convenience to both children and their parents.

Download the Latest Child Health Booklet

You can find a soft copy of the revised Child Health Booklet and addendum (to be added to current child health booklet) on this webpage.

The addendum highlights key updates and is to be inserted as a supplementary document for CHB or “baby books” already in use. Within the addendum, there is a content page to inform users of affected pages within the CHB (2014) and refer them to the updated information (listed as Annexes) within the addendum.

For Purchase of Hard Copy of Revised Child Health Booklet

If you’d like to purchase a hard copy of the revised Child Health Booklet, do check with public healthcare institutions listed below as only selected polyclinics and hospitals sell them.

Maternity Hospitals/PolyclinicsEmail/WebsiteContact NumberRemarks
KK Women’s and Children’s 1209Replacement of Health Booklet only
Singapore General Hospital-6321 4520Replacement of Health Booklet only
Gleneagles HospitalSG.GEH.MRO@parkwaypantai.com6470 3450Replacement of Health Booklet only
SingHealth 6969-
National Healthcare Group 3000Replacement of Health Booklet only

Your Child’s Digital Health Booklet

From upcoming immunisations to tracking developmental milestones, everything you need
to know about your child’s health is just a few taps away.
Find out how you can access your child’s health records here.

Enjoy Your Child’s Growing Up Years!

Last updated on 8 Feb 2022

Parent Hub: Child Health Booklet
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