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From pregnancy to raising a teenager, learn the ins and outs of raising a healthy child in this one-stop pregnancy and parenting platform for health information.


Parents with children aged 3 - 17 years old

Want to know how to improve your child's mental wellbeing and better communicate with them? Learn how to help your child cope with emotions and the 3Cs of parenting skills that you can apply on a day-to-day basis. The workshop focuses on three domains: Positive Functioning, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence.

"Good content, excellent trainer."
"Very good, succinct and impactful."
For parents and
children 3-6 years old

The workshop focuses on how parents
can help children identify and build resilience from a young age.

For parents 7-9 years old

The workshop focuses on transitions children might face in new school

For parents 10-12 years old

The workshops focuses on stress management as they grow older and the
coping mechanisms they can use.

For parents 13-17 years old

The workshop highlights stress management and connecting with your

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