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Student Screening Services

Singapore’s schoolchildren have dedicated health resources to tap on. The Health Promotion Board (HPB) gives them ready access to medical and dental care. Besides offering health screening and immunisation at school visits, HPB also conducts health education and health promotion programmes on healthy lifestyle practices. HPB’s Student Health Centre, which generally provides preventive and screening services, follows up with the children referred from the school visits above.



The Infectious Diseases Act requires every child in Singapore to be vaccinated against diphtheria and measles. To find out what other diseases children should be immunised against, click here. For information on the use of Medisave, click here.


Childhood immunisation is a very important and effective way of promoting health and preventing disease.  What diseases are children prone to and what are the diseases they're protected against? Click the link below to find out.  


At the School Health Service’s school visits, doctors and nurses screen schoolchildren for various health conditions. To learn what the types of screening activities are, please click the links below.     

Health Tools 

We have several electronic resources catering to your child’s healthcare needs. 

Related Information 

We have other resources about health improvement for youngsters. Follow the links below to learn more.    

Student Screening Services
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