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A Pressure Injury resource for both patients and caregivers alike. Learn more about pressure injuries, prevention measures and how to better manage them. Find out when you or your patients should seek treatment and what to expect in the pressure injury care journey.

There are a variety of methods to care for pressure injuries, depending on how severe the injury is.

care for pressure injuries

As a general guide, the management of pressure injuries may include:

  • Relieving pressure from the affected area
  • Wound dressings to keep the injured skin moist and surrounding skin dry
  • Specific antimicrobial dressings applied to the pressure injury to treat local infection

Your healthcare professional will advise you on the most appropriate care for your pressure injury. When in doubt, always seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

Please inform a healthcare professional if you notice signs of a pressure injury, or if you have any questions or concerns.

Prevention is better than cure.

Have you followed the 6 steps to preventing pressure injuries?

Think I.N.J.U.R.Y.

Incontinence care
Nutrition and hydration
Just move
Use pressure relieving surfaces
Reassess skin regularly
You should seek help early

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