National Steps Challenge™

National Steps Challenge™ rewards you for staying active. Start moving now and be rewarded daily!

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Ever wondered what happens inside your body when you move? Watch the video to see how a little more movement can make you feel good from your head to your toes.


National Steps Challenge™ rewards you for staying active daily. Simply clock steps and Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) minutes and be rewarded daily!

From 20 Sep 2023, eligible Healthy 365 users will be auto-enrolled to the National Steps Challenge™.


Challenge Period:
From 1 Apr 2022


Anyone who meets the following criteria:
  • a) Singaporeans and PRs with a valid NRIC, or foreigners with a valid FIN
  • b) Aged 17 years or older (based on birth year) at point of registration
Please note that the Challenge mechanics are designed based on the latest Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines recommendations for individuals aged 18 years old and above.
Our bodies are designed to move. Staying active every day by clocking at least 150 minutes of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) per week can help:

Feel good and get healthier
Reduce stress and anxiety for overall mental well-being
Feel good and get healthier
Improve balance and flexibility
Feel good and get healthier
Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and certain cancers
Feel good and get healthier
Improve sleep quality
Feel good and get healthier
Strengthen bones, muscles, and joints
Feel good and get healthier
Control and maintain healthy weight
We have curated an exciting array of workouts to get you moving more. These exercises can often be done at home. Click here to get started!

Check out these articles to learn more about the benefits that moving more has on your mind and body!

You need to do at least 10 minutes of MVPA continuously per session in order for your MVPA minutes to be clocked.
10 - 19 mins 10
20 - 29 mins 15
30 mins and more 20 (max)
Total daily Healthpoints indicated for each MVPA milestone include Healthpoints awarded for the previous milestone, e.g. the 15 Healthpoints awarded for the second milestone (20-29 mins) are inclusive of the 10 Healthpoints awarded for the first milestone (10-19 mins). You can earn up to 20 Healthpoints per day for clocking MVPA.
5,000 and more 10 (max)
The maximum amount of Healthpoints that can be earned per day in the Challenge is 30 Healthpoints.
Bonus Healthpoints
Earn 80 bonus Healthpoints upon clocking at least 1,000 steps within a day for the first time!
Click here to learn more about how to redeem Healthpoints.
1Healthpoints earned from clocking reward milestones for steps will be directly credited to participant's e-wallet upon successful sync. Please note that earned Healthpoints have an expiry date - check the Healthpoints Summary section on your Healthy 365 app for more details.
Get a 350 Healthpoints sign-up bonus if you’re new to National Steps Challenge™, or if you have not completed “MVPA Rewards" Tier 1 in previous seasons!

Unlock Tier 3 and 4 of “MVPA Rewards” to earn extra 300 Healthpoints each!
Monitor your heart rate to identify which intensity level your workout falls under.
Maximum Heart-rate
= 220 - Your Age
Light intensity Medium intensity Vigorous Intensity



Calculate your heart-rate ranges

Maximum Heart-rate (bpm)
Light intensity Medium intensity Vigorous Intensity
Increase the intensity of your moves with Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) for better health
Ever wondered what’s considered moderate or vigorous physical activity? How much MVPA should you do? Learn the answers in this short video and check out our resources to help you move more and meet your MVPA goals!
You can hit your health goals without hitting the gym. It's simple. Try these easy tips to integrate a little more movement into your daily routine and break up sedentary behaviour! Move more, feel good from within.
Just starting out?
Try these out to make moving more a habit!
Ready to move more?
Try these out to hit your MVPA goals!
How to walk more?
Get up and walk as you take a work call.
How to do more MVPA?
Tone up with a HIIT workout video
How to walk more?
Instead of ordering food, walk to the eatery and take away.
How to do more MVPA?
Too busy to go out for a run? Try skipping rope at home.
How to walk more?
Make more trips to the kitchen to drink water.
How to do more MVPA?
Binge watching?
Break up your sedentary screen time by doing crunches between episodes.
Move it with these workout videos

Need to spice up your workout routine? Try our fun and easy online classes below.

Megadanz® [Anywhere, Anytime Workouts]
Beginner Bodyweight Exercises
Cardio Blast
Pilates [Anywhere, Anytime Workouts]
Just follow along our free workouts guides and get your sweat on!
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