Effective 14 Dec 2019, kindly note that HealthHub no longer allows you to earn, view and redeem your Healthpoints.

You may continue to earn Healthpoints by participating in HPB Challenges such as National Steps Challenge and Eat, Drink, Shop, Healthy Challenge on the Healthy 365 app. Please be assured that your Healthpoints previously earned on HealthHub can be viewed and redeemed on the Healthy 365 app. Your e-vouchers (if any) previously redeemed on HealthHub will also appear in the Healthy 365 app.

If you are new to the Healthy 365 app, please refer to these step-by-step guides on how to:

Thank you for your continued support for HealthHub.

You can also learn more about Healthpoints in our FAQs. Should you require further assistance, please contact us at contact_us@healthhub.sg or 1800 225 4482.

Earn Healthpoints

Join us now! You can earn Healthpoints in many ways — simply be an active member on the ​​Healthy 365 app​!

After you have signed up on Healthy 365 app, you can start your healthy journey! You may earn Healthpoints by participating in HPB-driven activities such as the ​ National Steps Challenge​ and ​ Eat, Drink,​ ​Shop Healthy Challenge on the​ Healthy 3​65 app.


Participating Merchants

 Catalog-Item Reuse

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