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Learn more about the Mammobus, Singapore’s first mobile screening centre offering digital mammography services.



The National Healthcare Group’s (NHG) Mammobus, a mobile mammography service, is equipped with a digital mammography machine. This allows mammogram images to be reviewed instantly, which can reduce the number of recalls greatly because of blurring issues. It also has a greater capacity to screen more participants, thereby benefiting more women.

Mammobus is the only MediSave-accredited mobile mammography service provider in Singapore.


In order to use the Mammobus service, patients have to complete a lifestyle survey prior to the screening. A coordinator on the Mammobus will conduct the interview. 

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· To bring identity card and doctor referral letter (foreigners only) on the day of screening.

· Participants have to arrive 15 minutes prior the appointment time for registration on the Mammobus. (Should there be any cancellation of appointment, participants should inform the organizer’s representative. The representative will then inform the staff on the Mammobus.) 

· If any participant is pregnant or suspected to be pregnant, she should inform the radiographer before the mammography screening.

· Do not use any body lotion, deodorant, perfume, powder or ointment on the underarms or breasts on the day of screening.

· Wear a comfortable two-piece outfit as participants are required to undress from waist up.

· Remove any jewellery from the body.

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What happens during mammogram?

· Mammogram is a breast X-Ray

· Your breast will be placed between two flat plates and compressed for a few seconds (one breast at a time)

· Do let the radiographer know if your experience becomes uncomfortable and take a break if necessary

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Booking Information

For more information on how to engage our Mammobus services, please contact us at 6496 6633 or

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