Pregnancy Discomforts

Some discomfort may be experienced during pregnancy, use these tips to relieve discomfort through diet.



For the Mum-To-Be ~ Discomforts In Pregnancy

Some discomfort may be experienced during pregnancy. This is mainly due to the physical and hormonal changes occurring in your body. Here are some tips on how you can relieve discomfort through diet.

Morning Sickness

Try eating crackers or dry toast 10 - 15 minutes before getting up from bed. Have a light breakfast. Instead of 3 meals a day, have more frequent and smaller meals to avoid a full stomach, which may cause regurgitation of food.

Other tips include:

  • Avoid consuming oily and spicy foods. They may cause irritation for some women.
  • Drink enough fluids in between meals to prevent distension, or a feeling of fullness
  • Consult your doctor if vomiting persists


This is a burning sensation below your diaphragm (the muscle between your lungs and stomach). This condition is due to the regurgitation of gastric fluids into the oesophagus (food pipe). To minimise heartburn, you should avoid spicy or fatty foods, fizzy drinks and caffeine.

Other tips include:

  • Have more frequent but smaller meals, as a full stomach will aggravate the regurgitation of the gastric fluid
  • Consume enough fluids between meals. Try to stand after a meal. Sitting will push the food upwards and hence cause discomfort


Increasing your fiber intake can help prevent constipation. Prunes and dried fruits are good sources. Take more fluids. Having a hot drink after getting up from the bed helps to stimulate bowel movements. Exercise and increased physical activity help to prevent constipation.

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Pregnancy Discomforts

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