Elderly Home Care Services

Senior Home Care (previously known as "Home Help") offers help services for caregivers looking after seniors at home, including food delivery.

If your elderly loved one is facing temporary or chronic health problems, it may be the right time to consider senior home care services.

An Introduction to Senior Home Care

Trained care staff provide personal care services for clients in their home.

These include services such as activities related to personal hygiene, medication reminders, mind-stimulating activities, light housekeeping and other personal care tasks that best meet the clients’ needs.

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Services Provided

From 1 April 2016, the services previously provided under “Senior Home Care” can be found under the following categories:

1. Home Personal Care

Assisting seniors with daily activities such as personal hygiene, assistance with medication administration and support for their well-being at home.

2. Meals-On-Wheels (MOW)

Food delivery to the homes of frail and homebound seniors who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals.

3. Medical Escort and Transport (MET)

Specialised transport services and assigned personnel to accompany the seniors from their residence, to and from medical appointments.

For more information, please visit Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) Singapore - Care Services.

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