Nutrition and Dietetics: Dietitian Services

Learn more about nutrition consulting or dietitian services so you can receive ongoing diet consultation with a professional dietitian.

Food provides energy for our daily activities and nutrients for health and general well-being. At different stages of our lives (eg. infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, pregnancy and during periods of illness), our nutrient requirements differ and we need to modify our food intake according to our nutritional needs.

Diet Consultation

You should enjoy eating at all stages of life and even during times of illness, as food and eating are very much part of our culture and daily routine. Healthy eating can be enjoyable too.

Get a diet consultation for advice on:

  • assessing your nutritional intake and requirements
  • planning and designing therapeutic diets to suit your medical condition
  • providing personalised dietary counselling

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Dietitian Consulting Services

You can find these nutrition and dietitian services at KK Hospital.


1. Women’s Dietitian Services

  • Preconception, antenatal and postnatal nutrition
  • Dietary management of gestational diabetes
  • Weight management for underweight and overweight women
  • Diet therapy for specific medical conditions eg. diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, renal disease, gout and complications related to women’s cancer

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2. Paediatric Dietitian Services

  • Nutrition support for very low birth weight infants
  • Nutrition for toddlers and growing children
  • Weight management for underweight and overweight children
  • Dietary management for food allergies
  • Dietary management for eating disorders
  • Nutrition support for surgery and cancer, including support for home enteral feeding
  • Sports nutrition for school athletes
  • Diet therapy for specific medical conditions including gastrointestinal, liver and renal diseases, diabetes, inborn errors of metabolism and epilepsy

We also offer nutrition consulting services to external organisations in the form of informational talks, menu development or analysis and diet consultation.

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3. Other Dietitian Services: Education and Research

Our dietitians are actively involved in providing nutrition education for:

  • Hospital staff through the Hospital Healthy Lifestyle Committee activities
  • Parents and patients through support group activities
  • The public through public forums, community talks and contributions to the mass media

We are also committed in providing clinical dietetics training for both qualified and aspiring dietitians. Clinical and observational attachments are available for students and healthcare professionals (more information is available on the KKH website).

For our list of education programmes, visit our Education Programme Page.

Contact us

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
Level 1, Women’s Tower (Inside Patient Education Centre)
Tel: +65 6394 1640/1641 Fax: +65 6394 1642

How Do I Obtain a Referral for Diet Consultation or Dietitian Services?

  • If you or your child is seeing a KKH doctor, you may request a referral for dietitian consulting services from your doctor
  • If you or your child is currently not under a KKH doctor’s care, you may request a referral from your family doctor. For certain medical conditions (eg. eating disorders or food allergies), your dietitian may liaise with your family doctor about referring you to a KKH doctor for coordinated care
  • Once you have a referral, please call +65 6394 1640/1641 for an appointment to see the dietitian — if you are at an outpatient clinic in KKH, our clinic assistant can help to arrange an appointment for you

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