Home Therapy Services

Home-based therapy refers to rehabilitation services provided in a home environment, supporting patients in recovering their functional abilities. Such services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.


Introduction to Home Therapy Services

If it is not convenient for your elderly loved one to travel to receive therapy services, you can consider home-based therapy services — where a therapist comes to your home.

Services include:
Assessing and treating people who need to learn, recover or maintain daily living and work skills
Assessing and treating problems with movement because of disability, trauma or illness, such as learning how to walk again after a stroke
Assessing and treating those with problems swallowing and speaking or who have language or communication problems

In order to tap on home-based therapy services, get a referral from the hospital, polyclinic or general practitioner that the elderly visits. The cost of this service starts from $100 per visit (before means-testing subsidy). 

If you have difficulty paying for the service, please speak to your service provider or the medical social worker in the hospital or polyclinic.

Home therapy services provided include:
Occupational therapy
Speech therapy

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How to Contact Us

Eligible seniors can apply for subsidised care services through the E-care Locator. To learn more about home therapy, click here

You can also contact the Singapore Silver Pages via this online form, visit the AICare Link branch nearest to you, or call the Singapore Silver Line at 1800 650 6060 (Mon–Fri: 8.30am–8.30pm, Sat: 8.30am–4pm).

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