Home Nursing Care For Seniors

Does your homebound, bedridden senior need an in-home nurse? Learn how you can get home nursing care for your loved one.

Do you need an at-home nurse? If you are caring for a senior who is bedridden, you may need someone to take care of his or her home nursing needs such as wound dressing, injections and the changing of feeding tubes.

Home Nursing Services

A home nurse can help you with the following:
Nursing care
Medication management
Vital signs monitoring
Caregiver training
Care coordination

What are the Costs?

Cost of service starts from $60 per visit before the means-testing subsidy. If you have difficulty paying for the service, please speak to your service provider or the medical social worker in the hospital or polyclinic.

How to Apply

You will need to get a referral from a doctor, nurse or case manager who is familiar with the elderly person’s condition and needs.

Contact Us

If you need more help, you may also apply or request more details or information by:
Emailing us and we will get back to you
Calling us on our Singapore Silver Line: 1800 650 6060
Visiting us at your nearest AlCare Link branch


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Home Nursing Care For Seniors

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