Kidney Transplant

A renal transplant is a solution for patients with severe or irreversible kidney failure.



A renal transplant can perform all the functions of a normal kidney by removing waste products and water as well as producing the hormones produced by the normal kidney, and is a solution for patients with severe or irreversible kidney failure.

Dialysis is another option of therapy for such patients. However, not all patients are suitable for both forms of therapy. The choice of one treatment over the other for any individual patient is based on many factors including medical and social factors, as well as the availability of these options for the individual patient.

Thus some patients with heart disease are not suitable for kidney transplantation, and will need to remain on dialysis. Some patients with severe heart disease or other debilitating illnesses may not even tolerate dialysis. Every patient will need to be evaluated individually to decide whether he or she is suitable for either form of treatment.

Renal transplantation usually remains the most ideal option of renal replacement therapy. With a functioning renal transplant (also called allograft), the patient is freed from the need of having to do dialysis, can have a normal diet, and can in almost all respects have a normal unimpeded lifestyle.

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Kidney Transplant

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