Medical Fee Exemption Card

The Medical Fee Exemption Card offers health coverage exemption for medical fees for standard hospitalisation treatment in Singapore.

What is the Medical Fee Exemption Card?

This card helps you to get health care fee exemption on treatment costs and fees. It covers standard medical and hospitalisation treatment at government/restructured hospitals and polyclinics for needy residents of nursing homes.

Who Qualifies for the Medical Fee Exemption Card?


You must be a Singapore citizen, Permanent Resident or a stateless person with documents from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority to prove you are not an illegal immigrant.

Savings and Income

Your savings must be $6,000 or less, and you must have monthly per capita family income of $800 or less.

How Can I Apply For Medical Fee Exemption?

Approach a medical social worker at the institution your loved one is staying in. The medical social worker will apply for the card for them.

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