Medical Fee Exemption Card

The Medical Fee Exemption Card offers health coverage exemption for medical fees for standard hospitalisation treatment in Singapore.


What is the Medical Fee Exemption Card?

This card helps you to get health care fee exemption on treatment costs and fees. It covers standard medical and hospitalisation treatment at government/restructured hospitals and polyclinics for needy residents of nursing homes.

Who is Eligible for Health Coverage Exempton via the Medical Fee Exemption Card?

Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore
Residents of Ministry of Health-funded nursing homes
Those who do not have immediate families, Medisave, and savings above $1,000, or
Those whose immediate family members do not have Medisave and whose total family income qualifies for subsidies in residential fees under the prevailing means-testing framework

How Can I Apply For Medical Fee Exemption?

Applications to Agency for Integrated Care can be made through the administrator of nursing homes available in our E-Care locator.  

Medical Fee Exemption Card

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