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Caring for Others
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Supporting our
family member

Families are an important pillar of support and we care deeply for them. As someone close to them, we might notice when they are unwell or seem different from their usual selves. They might also look towards us for advice and support when going through difficult times.

Supporting family members with stress, sleep and other mental health challenges

Tips on supporting our family member

When communicating with them, it is useful to take note of the following:

Starting a conversation

Starting a conversation with our family member about their well-being could be difficult. To help us navigate challenging conversations with empathy and care, pick up some useful conversation tips here.
Learn how to provide emotional support to family members facing mental health or mental wellbeing issues

Be patient and supportive

Sometimes, our loved ones might be reluctant to share as they are afraid of being judged by the people closest to them. When this happens, be patient and let them know that we will be there for them whenever they are ready to share.

When they do share, take time to listen to their feelings, thoughts and needs before offering solutions. Validating their feelings can help them feel heard while encouraging them to share their problems with us in future.

Be mindful of our tone and volume

Sometimes, our family member may just need a listening ear and for someone to acknowledge their concerns. We could speak in a softer volume and gentler tone to show them that we care.

Prioritise their well-being

If our family member is acting unusual and showing signs that they are unwell or neglecting themselves, we can communicate more with them to show support and care.

Alternatively, we can reach out to other family members or get professional help to ensure that they are getting the support they need.

Different mental health challenges

Like all of us, our family members might experience life changes that can affect their mental health and well-being. As a family member, we can learn about the mental health challenges they might face so that we can better support them.

Self-care matters

Caring for our family member while juggling other aspects of our lives can take a toll on our physical and mental well-being. Ultimately, the lack of self-care will make it more difficult for us to care for them, so we should not feel guilty about attending to our needs.

Practising and prioritising self-care will allow us to recharge and be ready to provide them with the support they need. Refer to these tips on managing stress and emotions to keep ourselves healthy.

Mental health services

Belle, Beyond the Label helpbot, is an interactive platform for users to find mental health resources and services in a private and convenient manner. If you or anyone you know is overwhelmed with stress or anxiety, you may find the help you need via Belle.

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You may also visit here for more mental health resources or download the list of community mental health services including your nearest GP here.

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