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Get Moving with Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity

Ever wondered what’s considered moderate or vigorous physical activity? How much exercise should you do? Learn the answers in this short video and achieve your activity goals today!

How much Physical Activity should you be doing?

Click on the different tabs to learn how much exercise The Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines (SPAG) recommends you do to reap health benefits!


Older Adults

Through user-friendly infographics and tips, SPAG empowers older adults to find opportunities to stay active while building their muscular strength and functional balance. It is important to regularly participate in a variety of activities at this life stage as it can help older adults better manage frailty and common lifestyle chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Engaging in a sufficient amount and variety of physical activities and limiting sedentary behaviour can help older adults achieve a better quality of life.

Pregnant & Postpartum Women

Engaging in a variety of physical activities and reducing sedentary behaviour remains important during and after pregnancy as the health benefits outweigh the associated risks. Regular physical activity can help minimise excessive pregnancy-related weight gain and improve mental wellbeing postpartum.

Accompanied by their doctor’s advice where appropriate, pregnant and postpartum women will find the SPAG helpful for its bite-sized suggestions on how to stay active.

Persons with Disabilities

For persons with disabilities, staying active can help improve and manage their conditions. Regularly engaging in a variety of physical activities and reducing sedentary behaviour is important as the health benefits outweigh the associated risks.

Housed in a user-friendly infographic, the SPAG’s stay-active tips for this group include taking a phased and adapted approach as well as choosing group activities to leverage the support and motivation from peers.

Preschool Children
(0-6 years old)

SPAG helps parents and caregivers recognise the importance of movement for children right from birth, before they even start learning to walk. The guidelines provide tips on how preschool children can gradually accumulate more physical activity as they grow by engaging in a variety of activities and limiting sedentary time.

Meeting these recommendations helps build the foundation for preschool children to stay active and promote the development of movement skills.

School Children & Youths
(7-17 years old)

SPAG promotes the importance of engaging school children and youths in a variety of physical activities and limiting their sedentary behaviour, both during school and leisure time. Meeting these recommendations promotes the development of movement skills, stronger muscles and bones,and better cognitive function, which could contribute to their school performance.

Developing active habits from young can better prepare and help children to continue leading an active lifestyle as they transit towards adulthood.

(18-64 years old)

SPAG highlights that adults obtain substantial health benefits when they engage in moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity of between 150 and 300 minutes per week, which can be accumulated from any duration of activity throughout the week. On top of this, SPAG also recommends that adults engage in a variety of other activities to reap the additional health benefits, such as exercises for developing muscular strength and light-intensity activities to breakup sedentary periods.

Every minute moving counts,and engaging in a variety of activities helps promote better physical and mental health outcomes.

Now that you’re ready, how active are you?

I am just
starting out

Unsure how to begin or just starting out? Get to know more about physical activity and explore basic exercises to kickstart your fitness journey.

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Already enjoying an active lifestyle but ready for a bigger challenge? Explore our higher intensity workouts and more.

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New to an active lifestyle? We’ve got everything you need to know about starting out!


Start your journey to staying active and healthy by understanding what physical activity is and why it’s good for you.

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Small steps to
moving more daily

Changing up your lifestyle can seem overwhelming. Let us help you take it one step at a time.

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Learn how to
get moving

You’re all prepped to be physically active! Explore simple workouts you can do and how to stay safe as you exercise.

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Join the National
Steps Challenge™

Just starting out on being active? Pair a compatible fitness tracking app or device with your Healthy 365 app and clock at least 5,000 steps in your daily routine!

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Already exercising and eager to do more? Discover how you can change up your daily routines to be more active.

Level up your physical activity intensity

Keep moving! Explore these fun workouts to increase your intensity and upgrade your active lifestyle with a greater variety of workouts.

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Join the National
Steps Challenge™

Pair a compatible fitness tracking app or device with your Healthy 365 app, and clock at least 10 to 30 minutes of MVPA per day to be rewarded daily!

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Workout Guides

Get moving anywhere, anytime! Whether you’re looking for video guides or step-by-step infographics, we’ve got you covered. With a range of intensity levels, everyone can discover something fun.

Explore the tabs below to access workout videos and infographics.

Find a suitable workout for yourself or your loved ones by simply selecting the age group below.



Try these exercises at your neighbourhood fitness corner to get moving and stay active.

Lunchtime Office Workout

Prolonged sitting may pose health risks, so remember to take regular breaks and make these simple exercises a part of your work day!

The Ultimate 20Min Home Workout

Looking for a challenging home workout? This 20-min HIIT workout might be perfect for you!

Easy ways to clock at least 150-300 mins of exercise at home!

Try these simple tips to meet the recommendation of at least 150-300 mins of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity weekly.

5-Day Workout Plans
(Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Enjoy a rush of feel-good endorphins while you hit the recommended weekly goal of at least 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity with these indoor routines.

Sit Less, Move More Workout for Kids

Put on your favourite music and get moving as a family to this fun workout!

A Super Short Warm-Up for Kids

Try this kid-friendly warm-up routine to get them ready for an active day.

Cool Down Stretches for Kids

After your workouts, do this cool-down routine to stretch your body and relax your mind.


Physical activity is important to health. Get started or even supplement your current routine with HPB’s physical activity programmes and get more from life today!

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Move more with MOVE IT partnerS

Discover more ways to move with exciting programmes from our partners:

ActiveSG Circle

Find out more about ActiveSG Sport Centres, facilities and on-site activities offered by Sport Singapore.

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Active Health Move
Better e-Workshops

Keep fit and stay healthy with Move Better e-workshops! Improve your balance, muscular strength and endurance to live life to the fullest. Guided by Active Health Coaches, you will learn how to build your own training regime, with your own equipment, right in your own home!

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ActiveSG Fitness &
Sport Programmes

Be spoilt for choice! ActiveSG offers a wide array of sport and physical activity programmes for all fitness levels. There are programmes for individuals, families and children who want to have fun while keeping fit. Join one near you today!

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Our exercise playlist

Feel like heading out for a jog around the neighbourhood? Let our specially curated list of energy-boosting songs accompany you! Complete the entire playlist while working out to achieve the daily recommended goal of at least 30 mins of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity!

Fun WhatsApp/Telegram Stickers

Motivate your friends and family to stay active in the most delightful way with Jim, the Fit Potato, stickers!

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