close up of feet with well trimmed nails

With diabetes, you have a higher risk of foot problems which in severe cases, can lead to amputations. It is very important to take good care of your feet:

  • Check your feet and toes every day for cuts, sores, corns or blisters.

  • If you cannot see the soles (bottom) of your feet, use a mirror or ask someone to help you.

  • See your doctor right away if you hurt your feet, or if your foot changes colour or looks different.

  • Wear shoes and socks/stockings at all times to protect your feet.

  • Choose shoes that are comfortable and fit well.

  • Check the inside of your shoes before wearing. Make sure the lining is smooth and there are no sharp edges or objects inside.

  • Never go barefoot .

  • Wash your feet every day with water and mild soap.

  • If water is hot, test it before putting your feet in to prevent scalds.

  • Do not soak your feet in water.

  • Dry your feet carefully especially in between the toes.

  • To prevent dryness and cracks, apply moisturising skin lotion all over your feet, but not between your toes.

  • If you can see and reach your toe nails, trim them carefully. If not, ask someone for help.

  • Trim your toenails straight across and file the nails with a nail file.

  • Protect your feet from extremely hot or cold temperatures.

  • Never use hot water bottles or ice pads on your feet. You can burn your feet unknowingly.

  • Keep the blood flowing to your feet.

  • Put your feet up when you are sitting.

  • Wriggle your toes and flex your feet up and down.

  • Try not to cross your legs for long periods of time.

  • Don’t smoke.

Keep an eye on your feet every day and treat them with care!

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