Stroke Recovery and Discharge Care Plans

It can’t hurt to make plans for the stroke patient in your life. Find out here what you can do for the post-stroke rehabilitation and discharge planning of your loved one.

Planning for the Stroke Patient’s Rehabilitation 

Your stroke care team will assess the patient's current mobility function and find out about their social situation. Rehabilitation planning will be a team-based decision, together with the patient and the patient's family. The caregiver(s) may be required to undergo caregiver training depending on the patient's care requirement. 

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Organise the Discharge Care Plan 

Starting a discharge care plan as soon as possible is important. If needed, the stroke care team will help organise services and contact key providers before the patient leaves the hospital. 

Discharge planning for stroke patients may include: 
Written communication to the patient's primary care doctor at the general practitioner/polyclinic. 
Referral to Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) to arrange for services, such as community hospitals, day rehabilitation centres, day care centres, home nursing, home medical programmes and nursing homes. 
Recommendation for medical equipment, mobility equipment and home modifications. 
Coordination of outpatient medical clinic appointments after discharge.  

Your Hospital Journey:

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