Healthy Eating Habits: Dietetic and Food Services

Dietetic and Food Services: Changi General Hospital


​Healthy eating habits can help to prevent risk of diet-related diseases and promote health. Changi General Hospital’s dietitians can help. 

Dietitians provide dietetic counselling and nutritional intervention to prevent risk of diet-related diseases and promote health through healthy eating habits as part of medical treatment. If you require a tailored or therapeutic diet due to medical problems, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes  and high blood pressure, you will benefit from seeing one of our dietitians at Dietetic and Food Services, Changi General Hospital.

Nutritional information is readily available in various forms throughout Changi General Hospital such as on our online health library and even on tray mats on which our meals are served!

Our dietitians can offer healthy eating tips  and nutritional information even to those who do not have special needs. Dietary assessments are important to establish whether an individual’s diet is adequate and to confirm certain deficiencies. We can also provide dietary advice for health screening.

A typical counselling session with the dietitian will include a dietary assessment of the individual’s dietary intake, interpretation of the doctor’s prescription, confirmation of the dietary prescription and practical advice on how to manage and follow the diet.

Range of Dietetic Services available include:

• Bariatric surgery

• Cholesterol-lowering diets as part of the Cardiac and Stroke Rehabilitation Programme

• Community health promotion/public talks

• Diet and Heart Failure Programme

• Dietary advice as part of CGH's Health Screening and Health Promoting Services

• Dietetic consultation for residents in nursing homes

• Eating disorders

• Inpatient and home enteral nutrition

• Nutrition before and after surgery, including intravenous/tube feeding

• Nutrition for the elderly

• Nutrition-related research projects

• Patient education talks, workshops and seminars on nutrition

• Renal dietary management for renal patient on / not on dialysis

• Student training and clinical attachment

• Therapeutic diets for other specific conditions, for example, gout, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, lipid lowering and more

• Weight management programme         


Dietitians also conduct talks, workshops and seminars to meet the requirements of different individuals or companies.

Our dietetic counselling services are usually provided to patients who are referred by medical or nursing staff. To make a direct appointment, you will require a referral letter from either a GP or Polyclinic doctor.

For enquiries, please contact the Dietetic and Food Services Department, Changi General Hospital, Singapore at 6850 4633 / 4632, or email us at

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Healthy Eating Habits: Dietetic and Food Services

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