Stroke: Types and Causes

What are the different types of strokes?

There are two main types of stroke.

Ischaemic Stroke: "Blocked Artery"

Ischaemic Stroke 

This is the most common type of stroke. It occurs when a blood clot is lodged in an artery and cuts off blood supply to the brain. It is usually caused by either:

Embolism vs Thrombosis 

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Haemorrhagic Stroke: "Burst Artery"

Haemorrhagic Stroke 

This occurs when there is a rupture of a blood vessel causing bleeding in the brain. It is usually caused by:

  • High blood pressure

  • Defects in the blood vessel wall such as cerebral aneurysms

Cerebral Aneursym 

Besides the two types of strokes mentioned above, there is also a temporary stroke known as transient ischaemic attack.  

Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) or "Mini-stroke"

This happens when there is a temporary interruption of blood supply to the brain. Thus there is no permanent brain damage and the symptoms go away completely within a few minutes.

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Learning About Stroke

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