Stroke: Signs and Symptoms

The effects and indications of a stroke that are experienced by stroke patients.

Signs and Symptoms of Stroke

It is important to understand that every patient is affected by stroke differently.

The signs and symptoms of stroke depend on the area of damage in the brain.


Physical Signs of Strokes 



  • You may experience weakness in one or both sides of the body. This weakness varies in severity.

  • Weakness of the face muscle may result in facial drooping, drooling and speech difficulty.

Incoordination of Movements

  • You may experience difficulty in standing, walking or performing delicate tasks.

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Sensations in Hands 



  • You may experience reduced or loss of sensation over one side or specific parts of your body.

  • You may experience abnormal extra feeling over one side of your body such as tingling or electric sensation.


Visual Signs of Stroke 


Visual Impairment

  • You may experience double vision or loss of vision in one side or area of your visual field.


Communication Signs of Stroke 


Slurring of Speech (“Dysarthria”)

  • You may experience difficulty in articulating words. This may cause your speech to be unclear, slow or soft.

Language Impairment (“Dysphasia”)

  • You may experience inability to understand or express words, phrases and sentences, in both verbal and written form.

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Difficulty with Swallowing 


Difficulty with Swallowing (“Dysphagia”)

  • You may experience difficulty with drinking and eating. It can cause coughing and choking leading to an increase risk of lung infection.

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Identifying Stroke:

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