Dental X-ray

Are dental X-rays safe, or should you be concerned about the radiation in dental X-rays?

A dental X-ray is a useful diagnostic tool for detecting cavities in teeth, as well as bone and gum disorders, such as gingivitis.

Your dentist may also recommend X-rays to have a baseline to identify any changes later. Specific teeth X-rays may be taken for record-keeping before a certain treatment is done.

While dental X-rays are generally safe, they do involve a low level of radiation exposure. This means the risk of a harmful effect is low — but it still exists. However, X-ray equipment in Singapore undergoes routine checks and requires an annual licence in order to ensure that it is safe for usage.

Personal protection gear like a lead apron and thyroid shield are used to protect the patient. Dental X-rays are usually avoided during pregnancy, but if the need is critical, the use of leaded apron and/or thyroid shield will offer protection against radiation exposure. X-rays can be taken for breastfeeding mothers and women trying to get pregnant.

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Dental X-ray

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