Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities

Have questions about the levy concession for foreign domestic workers? Learn how you can lower the cost of care for your loved one.

If you hire a foreign domestic worker (FDW) to care for yourself or loved ones, you may want to find out about the Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities. It lets families pay a monthly foreign domestic worker levy of just $60, instead of $300. 

Each household can get concessions for up to two foreign domestic workers, caring for two loved ones, at any one time. 

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Who Can Apply

To get the FDW Levy Concession: 

Same address: If you are hiring the foreign domestic worker, you must be the care recipient, or related to the care recipient and living at the same address. 

Activities of Daily Living (ADL): The care recipient needs to be assessed by a qualified assessor to be permanently unable to perform at least one of the ADLs, as indicated below.

  • Eating
  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Toileting
  • Walking or moving around
  • Transferring 

Singapore Citizen: The care recipient must be a Singapore citizen. 

Age: The care recipient must be aged 16 to 67 years old.

Note: If you already meet the other criteria, and your care recipient is a young child below 16 years old or an elderly above 67 years old, you do not need to apply for the FDW levy concession. MOM will grant you the concession based on the information you provided during your online application for an FDW. 

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How to Apply

Application information is available on AIC Singapore — Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities

If you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact AIC. You can also talk to the customer care officers at 1800 650 6060 for more information or visit the AICare Link branch nearest to you.

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